February 2016


February 2016 Newsletter

The rains continue and the flowers and vegetables are thriving. January, February and March are the most lovely months of the year. Of course, the pot holes and mud on our bad roads makes driving difficult, but after eleven years in Uhekule Village, I have become a “professional driver” according to my neighbor, Akiba.

The good news is that our 15 children at Sunrise orphanage are doing very well in elementary school as are the 7 older orphans in higher education at boarding schools around the country.

Shadow-modThe bad news is that Shadow, our beloved dog and my best friend, died Feb. 3rd. I grieve for him daily. All my life I have had dogs, but Shadow was so special and extremely intelligent. He is missed by the children, too, as he was a wonderful watchdog and protected our kids. Often he sat in a particular place so he could see all of the orphanage and the children….like a herder protecting his flock.

The workshop is nearly finished except for the glass in the window frames, the ceiling board needed in two of the rooms and the painting of the walls.

Now we need to locate the machinery for the workshop. If anyone knows where we can get good used equipment, please let us know.

Blessings to all,

Bibi Kay

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