January 2016

January 2016 Newsletter

This summer the rainy season has been extremely wet, and, therefore; our potato crop is not good….too much rain. So, the farmers will not be making as much money as previous years. Actually, in my 11 summers here, this summer has had the most rain ever.

Our good news is that Eveline Longo (age 25) has finished Grade 11 with high honors and is now the supervisor of our orphans and Sunrise home. Our missionary managers from the U.S., Richard and Rhonda Hanssen arrive March 3rd.

Our fabulous volunteer from Austria, Niklas Hintermayer, had been so helpful these past few weeks. He will be leaving the end of February for an internship in Austria.  He has a law degree but choses to do journalism. The children just love him, and I certainly appreciate all the field and garden work he has done.

BBK201601 - 0005Thanks to a gracious lady in Little Rock, we now have a new Massey Ferguson 385, 4 wheel drive, 85 h.p. new tractor. What a wonderful gift to Sunrise as it will bring in some income to help keep the orphanage going.

The workshop is nearing completion. What is left to do is paint the window frames, stain the doors and put up ceiling board in several of the rooms. Whew! It has been an interesting construction started last August. But, finishing in 6 months is monumental here… thanks to a good and fast contractor/builder.

Many thanks to all who help us provide a healthy and happy home life to 15 children at the orphanage, 7 in higher education and the over 40 who have been educated with your donations.

Blessings to all,

Bibi Kay

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