January 2017

January 2017 Newsletter:

All is well at Sunrise. The missionaries arrive the 20th of this month from the U.S. to take over management of the orphanage. I remain the director for the time being.

We now have 100 more chickens coming from Mbeya, a town about 6 hours from Uhekule. That makes 130 chickens in all.  Unfortunately, the trip in an open truck was difficult for them, and they came down with eye infections and flu. So, now I have became a chicken (kuku in Swahili) veterinarian. I secured the correct medication and within two weeks all were healthy again.

Our plan is to provide eggs every two or three days for the children  and the remainder to sell. Seems the adjustment to a different, cooler climate has taken its toll. It may take a couple months before they lay well. The hens are just 6 months old.

Lucky, our milk cow, is providing us with 8 to 10 liters of milk daily and her offspring, Mimosa, needs to give us a calf. She is a “huge” cow and does not seem to like her boyfriend (the bull.) All she wants to do is play and, believe me, she plays rough. All are afraid of her so we carry a stick just in case she attacks.

The children are doing well in school. I help them with their English as the school has difficulty teaching English since the teachers do not know it very well.

We thank you for your kind gifts and donations.


Bibi Kay

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