May 2016

May 2016 Newsletter

May was my month to spend with my American family and also do some fund-raising for my orphanage in Tanzania.

Memorial weekend was my reunion with about 20 Peace Corps friends that served in 2004 to 2008. Jane (Legrand) and husband, James Maginot, hosted the reunion on their organic farm in Fayetteville, Ar. It had been almost ten years and finding out about their lives was so interesting. Some work for non-profit organizations, a couple are lawyers (gals) and Maya is now a P.A. (physician’s assistant) plus my dear friend, Sue Borah, who lives in Myrtle Beach and has returned to serve in Peace Corps Response twice since being a P.C.V. in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania where I met her. It was a great weekend.

In my absence, Richard and Rhonda Hanssen, missionaries from the U.S., took over the management of Sunrise Children’s Home and did a great job. The Lord has blessed us with their commitment of staying “forever” in Uhekule Village. They are slowly learning about the difference in culture and starting to pick up a few words of Swahili.

I will continue to be the director and provide information and support to the new couple. There is so much to learn as life here is extremely different than in the U.S..

Again, I thank all of you for sponsoring an orphan, sending care packages and for keeping us in your prayers.



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