November 2016

November 2016 Newsletter

Everyday Life

Everyday life here is very full!  Here is a little peek:

  • The kids rise at 5:30 am during the week.  Upon rising, they make their beds, clean their room, do chores, and then eat at 6:00.  After eating, more chores, prepare for school, and then at 6:30 we ring the bell, they all gather, we pray for them, and then off to school they go.
  • Wood has to be chopped almost daily.  The boys are amazing at this task.
  • The bustanis (gardens) have to be watered every day during the dry season. The boys and girls all take part.  They begin about 4:00 pm and it takes them about one hour to complete.
  • The children all have chores.  We have over 20 different chores that are accomplished daily. The kids do everything from cleaning the choo (toilet), feeding the cat, washing the dishes, to feeding and caring for our cows, rabbits, and chickens.
  • The Funnest Chore:  Each month when the chores change we all gather and go through the new list.  We always save one until last.  We announce it with the action of shoveling – the dreaded chore of shoveling the manure.  This means cleaning up the cow manure from wherever the cows have been tied up to eat.  This chore is fondly referred to by all as “scoopa da poopa”.

A New Family Member

This month we want to introduce you to our new family member, Rascal.  Rascal is not the name of a child; it is the name of our kitten that one of our kids found in a hole at Sunrise.  It seemed  that his mom must have dropped him in the hole and could not get him out.  He is black and he is feisty!  Rascal is an “earned” name.  He is young and small, but very aggressive.  This is a perfect match for our environment.  You will see him below with a mouse in his mouth.  He did not kill it, some of our girls did.  Yes we said girls, our girls are not squeamish and they don’t run from mice, mice run from them.  We do hope he will turn out to be a good mouse and rat catcher!

We are all enjoying Rascal.  He is a cat with a lot of personality who likes to “play rough”, just like our kids do, so again, perfect match.  He likes to chase the children and “get’em.

Boys are Boys Everywhere

Our boys are very creative.  They have been making trucks/cars out of leftover bati (corrugated metal roofing), nails (for axles), and plastic drink bottle caps for wheels.   They have spent hours making and remaking them and then “racing”.  Check out the pictures below.

Exciting Project – Clothes Hanging Areas

We have just about completed constructing covered areas behind the boys’ and girls’ dorms for hanging clothes after washing.  This is going to be a great addition to our facilities.  When you consider that it rains a lot, daily, about six months a year, it is going to be wonderful for the children to have a place to hang their clothes so they can dry.  You will see the before and after pictures below.

Secondary Students Home for Holidays

It is a blessing to have Tumpe, Elenesta, Jenetti, Noel, and Claudi home for the holidays.  They are all students who attend live-in secondary schools.

Highlight: Imanueli (Ima)

This month we want you to meet Ima, we call him Mr. Fixit.  Ima is always smiling!  He has the gift of encouragement.  Any time you ask him how he is doing he will answer, “I’m free!” and, without fail, he will ask you how you are doing.  Ima began saying, “I’m free” after we taught the children about the power of forgiveness.  We explained that when we fail to forgive we actually hurt ourselves.  We explained that forgiveness is not always easy but God requires us to do it.  We read the children the parable Jesus told in Matthew 18 to help us understand that forgiveness is not an option, but a command.  If we obey Jesus to forgive, then we too will say along with Ima, “I’m free!”

He is a born leader.  He does not push himself out front to lead; he just seems to end up there.  As is most often true, a person’s gift will open the door for its use.

Ima is an amazingly creative and capable boy.  You will see in the picture below his homemade “pool table”.  He is using marbles for the balls and a bamboo stick for the “cue” and books with “gaps” for the pockets.  If we were to compare him to a television personality there is no doubt he is a “McGyver”.

One of Ima’s most wonderful gifts is his desire to serve anytime there is an opportunity or need.  If you need a volunteer, he will be one, if not the, first, to step up.  He dishes up the food every night, by choice.  In fact, he arrives in the kitchen in time to remind the staff to ring the dinner bell, carries the food into the dining room, and then dishes it up.   When it’s movie night, Ima without being asked (actually he asks us) gets out the projector and computer and sets up all the equipment for movie time and then puts it all away after the movie.

Ima really, really likes our cows.  Some children, because of gifting, ability, or desire keep the same chores every month.  This is true of Ima with Lucky, Mimosa, and Heidi, our cows.  He voluntarily takes them out in the morning, brings them food and water, and brings them to their pens in the evening.  He even joyfully cleans the stalls!

Please Pray – Free Equipment from the Netherlands

As we have shared before, there is a possibility that we will be given equipment for our carpentry shop.  A shipping container from the Netherlands is scheduled to be here in January.  We think our equipment has been shipped along with equipment and supplies for a number of volunteer organizations here in Tanzania.  We were not given any guarantee but we were encouraged to ask for what we need so we did.  Please pray that we will receive all we need to get our vocational carpentry shop “up and running.”  Thank you!

Well, enough for this month.  Check in again next month when we will highlight the many projects going on at Sunrise and also introduce you to more of the children.

All For Jesus,

Richard & Rhonda Hanssen

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