October 2016

October 2016 Newsletter

Thanks Bibi Kay

We just want to say thanks to Bibi Kay for what she has done here in Uhekule Village by building Sunrise Children’s Home.  You would have to come here and see it and talk to the villagers to understand what a blessing Sunrise is.  We are so grateful to be here and honored to be trusted to manage this incredible work of God.


Our House

Our home is 90% complete.  The last 10% is progressing slowly.  None of the plumbing is hooked up to water yet, the kitchen is being built, no curtain or curtain poles, and we need to hang mosquito nets.  All of this may sound “easy” but things here are seldom easy.  Tasks that are simple and quickly accomplished in the U.S. can be complex and take a long time to complete here.


We recently had our first heavy rain.  Actually we had about an hour of hail!  It was nice to get the rain but we discovered a big problem with our house; water comes in through the windows.  We “bailed” about 2 ½ gallons of water out of one bedroom.  The water leaks in around the windows and through the windows.  We are going to try some silicone to see if we can stop the leaks.


Elia & Hosea

Elia and Hosea are our Standard 7 graduates who will be heading to Secondary School in just a couple of weeks.  The four of us went school “shopping” and ended up deciding on a school that was not on our “check them out” list.  The name of the school is Swilla High School.  This is a Christian school which both of the boys are very excited about.


While checking out schools we noticed “Secondary Schools” and “High Schools.”  After some inquiry we learned what the difference is.  Secondary Schools only have four grades called “forms”; hence Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, and Form 4.  To be categorized as a High School a school must have six forms.  Form 5 and form 6 are considered preparation for university.

Ikonda Hospital

We had to make the trip to Ikonda Hospital this month with Ziada, one of our older girls.  Ikonda is a hospital built and run by Italians and we are so grateful for its existence.  Ziada received excellent care but all is not better and we made need to take her back again.


By the way, Ziada has the gift of leadership so we call her “Leader Girl”.  She has a strong personality and others follow her; it is a gift from God.


Maize (corn)

All our corn seed is in the ground and we are just waiting on the rains to “make it grow.”  We were very happy to have Chesco home from university to help in this endeavor.


All Crops

Our corn and potatoes are all planted and our avocados are fertilized, now we are just waiting on the rains to begins


Highlight: Lukemelo

We have nick named most of the kids now and we want to tell you about Lukemelo the “Fine Fellow.”  Luke is a kind, obedient, and compliant boy.  We also call him “Chief Lukemelo because when he grows up he wants to be a police officer.  As an orphan, there is much hurt in him and we came face to face with this recently.


One morning recently, as we do each day, we woke up the boys.  When we entered the boys’ room we found Nickson (nick named Dr. Nick as he wants to be a MD) and Lukemelo in the same bed.  This is something that we do not allow so we asked Nickson to come to the kitchen.  We have learned to go slow because you never know what is going on.

We asked Nickson why Lukemelo was in his bed, he told us that Lukemelo was afraid.  We thanked him and sent him to tell Luke to come and talk with us.

We asked Lukemelo why he was afraid, he hesitantly, with tears, told us that he was “remembering his family.”  He did not expound on this and we did not feel it was a good idea to press for more information.  So we hugged him, prayed for him, and again explained that they are not allowed to sleep in the same bed.  We told him that if he is ever afraid that he can come to us and that talking about it sometimes helps.

This brought home the reality of the pain inside of the children.  Though this is true we know that Jesus loves them and that He is healing them.  We see changes in them all the time.  We cherish your prayers for the children and for the Lord to give us wisdom each day to care for them.

Sunshine, Twinkle Toes, & Giggles

You will see a picture of these three girls.  These are our youngest children, from left to right, Sesi, Halima, and Atu.  We call Sesi Sunshine because of her bright smile.  Halima is constantly skipping, singing, and dancing so we call her “Twinkle Toes.” Have you every heard someone with an irresistible laugh, like the old “laughing” record?  Well that is Atu.  She has a giggle that will touch your funny bone and make you laugh, so we call her Giggles.  They are sweet girls and a joy to parent.

Well, enough for this month.  Check in again next month when we will highlight the many projects going on at Sunrise and also introduce you to more of the children.

All For Jesus,

Richard & Rhonda Hanssen

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