October 2017

October 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This will be my last writing. Rhonda and Richard Hanssen, missionaries from the U.S., will be taking over Sunrise Children’s Home, and I will be working as a volunteer for a local NGO. My work will be to help construct a farm on 63 acres to be used for teaching agriculture and animal husbandry.  There are so many young people who only finished grade 7 and have no skills for supporting themselves.

My 12 plus years here in Uhekule Village have been busy and happy ones. I have learned so much about farming and raising livestock. Never in this world before Peace Corps did I ever think I would know enough about farming to teach it! God seems to give us so many opportunities to serve.

I have watched for seven years our orphans grow up, and now we will have 16 in higher education beyond grade 7 only because of your generosity. The Hanssens plan to take in many  more  needy orphans and vulnerable children. We have six dormitories at Sunrise and could easily hold 50 more children in need. At 77 years of age, I must turn this lovely Sunrise Home to younger people to manage. I no longer have the energy or patience to raise young orphans, but the Hanssens are much younger and will do a great job.

The difficult work for me this month was finding suitable and qualified private schools for 8 orphans. I have succeeded though feel somewhat worn out with the travel to all the schools. President Magufuli has promised to make the government schools as good as the private ones, but it will take a few years. Our 8 students will leave for their designated schools in January when the new school year begins. There are 5 different schools I have selected and all have entrance exams. Luckily, all our kids made it mostly due to the fact we speak English at the orphanage, not Kiswahili. Secondary schools teach in English except for their Swahili class, and many village students fail because they do not know English well.

Please keep in mind to email me whenever you wish. kayhsv@earthlink.net. I miss my family and friends in the U.S..

Blessings to all,

Bibi Kay

p.s. The mama rabbit escaped her cage and ended up in the cow shed. One of our cows accidentally stepped on her breaking her back. Therefore, she was our dinner that night. The three babies survived due to my feeding them 3 times a day cow milk for a week. I read that at 4 weeks they will survive….they did.

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