September 2017

September 2017 Newsletter

The highlight of September was the Standard 7 (grade 7) graduation. The National Exams were finished but the results will not to be known until end of October or early November. Since the school teachers were too tired to give a graduation party, we at Sunrise did our own. Actually, we had 8 students finish grade 7, so that means finding Secondary (boarding) Schools for all 8 of them.

The party included our staff and 13 of our orphans at Sunrise. We have 8 older orphans in boarding schools, but they are in different schools and will not be home until Christmas time.

I arranged for a lady in a nearby village to cook up a storm of food including pasta, rice, chicken, salads, vegetables and fruit. The kids were so excited about all of the food and the treats as I had bought….chocolati. How they love chocolate.

There was so much fun, eating, dancing, laughing and visiting. Plus, I had a graduation gift for the 8 graduates.

Now the graduates wait until January to start Form 1 (8th grade) at a boarding school. I am researching schools now. I prefer to send them to private secondary schools as they have more teachers and always have better results. Of course, they are more expensive than the government schools.

You will see from the pictures how happy they all were….loving the food, dancing and just having a good time at our party.

For those of you that sponsor these graduates, congratulations for your help as these young people will be the future for Tanzania. God bless you for your sponsorship.

Warm regards,
Bibi Kay

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